Students of our college actively participate in the study of ideological and political affairs in epidemic prevention and control


In response to the specific deployment of the Notice of the Department of Social Sciences of the Education Ministry on organizing a nationwide class on ideological and political education for the prevention and control of epidemic diseases of the university students, and a deep understanding of the significant advantages of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics highlighted by China's anti-epidemic, From March 14th, 2020, from 14:30 to 16:00, all postgraduates conducted the same ideological and political course on epidemic prevention and control. The lecturers are Ai Silin, professor of the Marxi** School of Tsinghua University, Qin Xuan, professor of the Marxi** School of Renmin University of China, Wang Binglin, professor of the Marxi** School of Beijing Normal University, and Feng Xiujun, professor of the Marxi** School of Central University of Finance and Economics. The course format is live webcast, after-school answers, live streaming of the People's Daily People's Zhiyun client and Migu video client.

Teachers and students of our college also actively participated in the study of the ideological and political class for epidemic prevention and control, and everyone expressed their deep feelings after the class!

Wu Mengyue said, this epidemic made her feel the superiority of China's socialist system more deeply and cultivated our collectivist thinking. Collectivi** is an ideology and theory that advocates that individuals belong to society and that individual interests should be subordinated to the interests of the collective, the nation, and the state. The highest standard is that all speech and actions conform to the collective interests of the people. Watching so many people running unselfishly to the front, we have our safety with their sacrifice and dedication. She participated in some village prevention and control work herself. At the same time, she also hoped that this global stagnation war would usher in victory as soon as possible in the dedication of the heroes.

Wei Lijuan said that what she saw and heard during the epidemic all showed the strong power of the Party Central Committee's centralized and unified leadership, the active action of party committees and governments at all levels, the radical organization of grass-roots party organizations, the full use of pioneering role models, and the advancement of party members. The strength of the people is also a manifestation of the motherland's ability, whether it is financial and material rescue supplies, countless white angels filled with bloody application books, or even 15 days to complete the completion of Vulcan Mountain and Thunder God Mountain! All that happens makes us proud to be a Chinese and a Chinese youth.

Chen Yibing said, in fact, where are the years better, but someone is moving forward for you. From the series of important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping to the high attention of the State Council, from the rapid follow-up of local departments and departments to the dedicated input of experts and doctors, from the watchful assistance between cities to the mutual encouragement among the people, and the donation of materials from enterprises to personal care and help ... In the face of COVID-19, countless people united as one, and formed a wall of iron and copper, blocking the virus in front of them and guarding behind them. It is difficult for the state to be in possession of armor, and people are in danger. Epidemic prevention and control is a fierce battle at stake, but I believe we will win in the end.

 Liu Mengying said that she heard the Party ’s decision-making on the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the remarkable advantages of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics demonstrated by the anti-epidemic of China. Choosing a life science major has a strong sense of mission.

Xing Kun believes that as young graduate students, while paying attention to the epidemic situation, we must make our own contribution to the country as far as possible. At present, the best way is to detect and isolate early and not to report our situation in time. In addition, we could not slacken our scientific research at home during this time. We also have to read the literature at home, exercise, and remember our original intentions. Wait until the beginning of school to have a good mental outlook to meet the next stage of scientific research.

Yang Zhong felt that since the outbreak of the epidemic, every change in the data has affected the hearts of the Chinese people. From medical workers to the people ’s children, from public security police to grassroots cadres, from volunteers to courier brothers ... Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, 1.4 billion Chinese people are united and united in their efforts to create major events and create a series of wars. Epidemic China speed, China miracle. The Chinese nation has experienced many ordeals in the history, but has never been crushed, but has become more frustrated. The historical experience and wisdom to rise from suffering and turn crisis into opportunity is what the Chinese Communist Party has gained through trial and error.