Yan, Aixia


NameAixia YAN

Title Professor


AddressDepartment of Pharmaceutical Engineering, P.O. Box  53, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, 15 BeiSanHuan East Road,   Beijing 100029, P. R. China.

Education background:

1991-1995, Undergraduate of Lanzhou University
1995-2000, PhD student of
Lanzhou University

Work experience:

2001-2002, Alexander von Humboldt research fellow, worked with Prof. Johann Gasteiger, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

2003-2004, Research Fellow, worked with Prof. W. Graham Richards and Dr. Guy H. Grant, Department of Chemistry, Oxford University

2005 to now, Professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

Academic title: Professor

Research areas: cheminformatics, computational chemistry, computer-aided drug design

Honors and awards:

1.     Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship (2001).

2.     Chinese Academy Science scholarship (1999).

Research projects:

1. Computer-Aided studying on the inhibitors of Aurora-A and -B kinases.

2. Computer-Aided studying on the inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase, HCV protease and polymerase.

Representative works:

[1] Qin, Z.J.; Xi, Y.; Zhang, S.D.;  Tu, G.P.; Yan, A.X.* Classification of Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitors using Support Vector Machine and Random Forest Methods, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 2019, 59 (5) , 1988-2008.

[2] Kong, Y.; Bender, A.; Yan, A.X.*Identification of Novel Aurora Kinase A (AURKA) Inhibitors via Hierarchical Ligand-Based Virtual Screening. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 2018, 58(1), 36-47.

[3] Yan, A.X.* Prediction of ADME Properties, in “Applied Chemoinformatics: Achievements and Future Opportunities”, pp333-358, Editors: T. Engel, J. Gasteiger, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2018.

[4] Xia, Z.H.; Yan, A.X.*Computational models for the classification of mPGES-1 inhibitors with fingerprint descriptors, Molecular Diversity, 2017, 21(3), 661–675.

[5] Li, Y.; Xuan, S.Y.; Feng, Y.;Yan, A. X.*Targeting HIV-1 integrase with strand transfer inhibitors, Drug Discovery Today, 2015, 20(4), 435-449.

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