Luo, Shizhong


NameShi-Zhong Luo

TitleProf. Dr.

 AddressRm 608, West Science and Technology Building,

College of Life Science and Technology,

Beijing University of Chemical Technology,

15th Beisanhuan East Road, Beijing, 100029, P. R.   China


Education background:

1995-1999, Undergraduate of Tsinghua University

1989-2004, PhD student of Tsinghua Universiy. 

Work experience :

2004-2008, Postdoctoral fellow of University of Texas Medical School at Houston. 
2008-2011, Associate Professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. 

2011 to now, Professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

Academic title:

Guest Professor of Tarim University

Member of Scientific Committee of Peptide Branch in China Biochemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association

Academic Committee of Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Membership of Biophysical Society 2006-

Membership of Protein Society 2007-

Membership of American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2017-

Research areas:

Protein and Peptide Self-Assembly

Protein Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation

Protein and Peptide Aggregation

Antibacterial and Anticancer Peptide

Molecular Dynamic Simulation

Tran**embrane Association of Membrane Protein

Honors and awards:

Beijing NOVA of Science and Technology

Young Scientist Award in 10th Chinese Peptide Symposium

Research projects:

National Natural Science Foundation of China

The National Key Research and Development Program of China

Representative works:

1)            Song Xue, Rui Gong, Fanqi He, Yanqin Li, Yunjia Wang, Tianwei Tan, and Shi-Zhong Luo* Low complexity domain of U1-70K modulates phase separation and aggregation through distinctive basic-acidic motifs. Science Advances 2019 5, eaax5349 (IF=12.8  Top)

2)            Xiufang Ding, Fude Sun, Jialin Chen, Long Chen, YutoTobin-Miyaji, Song Xue*, Wei Qiang*,Shi-Zhong Luo*Amyloid-Forming Segment Induces Aggregation of FUS-LC Domain from Phase Separation Modulated by Site-Specific Phosphorylation Journal of Molecular Biology 2020 432,2,467-483 (IF=5.0, Top)

3)            Peng-liangLiangLi-yongYuan*, HaoDengXu-congWangLinWangZi-jieLiShi-Zhong Luo*Wei-qunShi*, Photocatalytic reduction of uranium(VI) by magnetic ZnFe2O4 under visible light Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2020 267, 118688 (IF=14.2, Top)

4)            Fude Sun, Carsten F. E. Schroer, Carlos R. Palacios, Lida Xu, Shi-Zhong Luo*, Siewert J. Marrink* Molecular Mechani** for Bidirectional Regulation of CD44 for Lipid Raft Affiliation by Palmitoylations and PIP2 Plos Computation Biology, 2020 Accepted.(IF=4.4, Top)

5)            Fude Sun, Carsten F. E. Schroer, Lida Xu, Huiwei Yin, Siewert J. Marrink*, Shi-Zhong Luo*Molecular Dynamics of the Association of L-selectin and FERM Regulated by PIP2. Biophyscial Journal 2018 114, 8, 1858-1868. (IF=3.6, Top)

6)            Peng Wei, Fude Sun, Limin Zuo, Jing Qu, Lida Xu, Shi-Zhong Luo* Critical Residues and Motifs for Homodimerization of the First Tran**embrane Domain of the Pla**a Membrane Glycoprotein CD36. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 2017 292, 8683-8693 (IF=4.3, Top)

7)            Fude Sun, Long Chen, Peng Wei, Mengya Chai, Xiufang. Ding, Lida Xu, and Shi-Zhong Luo * The Dimerization and Structural Stability of Amyloid Precursor Proteins Affected by the Membrane Microenvironments. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2017  57 (6), 1375–1387  (IF=3.8, Top)

8)            Fude Sun, Xiufang Ding, Lida Xu, Huiwei Yin, Jun F. Liang, Long Chen*, Shi-Zhong Luo*A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Short-Helical-Cytolytic Peptide Assembling and Bioactive on Membrane Interface. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2017 121, 17263−17275 (IF=4.5, Top)

9)            Nan Zhang, Li-Yong Yuan, Wen-Lu Guo, Shi-Zhong Luo*, Zhi-Fang Chai, and Wei-Qun Shi*,†Extending the Use of Highly Porous and Functionalized MOFs to Th(IV) CaptureACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2017, 9, 25216−25224 (IF=7.5, Top)

10)         Xi-Rui Zhou, Yimeng Cao, Qiang Zhang, Xi-Bo Tian, He Dong, Long Chen*, Shi-Zhong Luo*Self-assembly Nanostructure Controlled Sustained Release, Activity and Stability of Peptide Drugs. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2017 5281-2723-731 (IF=3.6Top)

11)         Zhiling Zhu, Mengxue Feng, Limin Zuo, Zhentai Zhu, Fengwei Wang, Long Chen, Jinghua Li, Guangzhi Shan*, Shi-Zhong Luo*  An aptamer based surface pla**on resonance biosensor for the detection of2 ochratoxin A in wine and peanut oil. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2015, 65, 320-325 (IF=6.4Top)

12)         Peng Wei, Bo-Kai Zheng,Peng-Ru GuoToru Kawakami, Shi-Zhong Luo*The Association of Polar Residues in the DAP12 homodimer: TOXCAT and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies Biophysical Journal2013 Apr 2;104(7):1435-44. (IF=3.6Top)

13)         Yunfei Sun, Long Chen, Fude Sun, Xibo Tian, Shi-Zhong Luo* New amphiphilic N-phosphoryl oligopeptides designed for gene delivery. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 468 (2014) 83–90 (IF=3.6Top

14)         Shi-Zhong LuoRenhao Li. “Specific heteromeric association of four tran**embrane peptides derived from platelet glycoprotein Ib-IX complex”, Journal of Molecular Biology, 2008, 382, 448-457. (IF=5.0Top)

15)         Shi-Zhong Luo, Xi MoVahid Afshar-Kharghan, Sankaranarayanan Srinivasan José A.López, and Renhao Li. “Glycoprotein Iba forms disulfides with two glycoprotein Iba subunits in the resting platelet”. Blood, 2007, 109, 603-609. ((IF=10.1Top)Featured in a commentary in Blood, 2007, 109, 393-394.

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