Chen, Long


NameLong Chen

TitleAssociate Professor

Address15 East Beisanhuan Rd., Chaoyang Dist., Beijing

Education background:

2000-2004, Undergraduate of Tsinghua University. 
2004-2007, Master student of Tsinghua University.

2008-2012, PhD student of Stevens Institute of Technology, USA 

Work experience :

2013 to now, Associate Professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology.
2014-2016, Associate Professor of Tarim University. Associate Dean of College of Life Science.

Academic title:

Associate Professor

Research areas:

Peptide drugs, Drug delivery, Natural bioactive peptides, Anticancer peptide drugs

Honors and awards:

Pioneer of Teacher’s Virtue 2016

Young Peptide Scientist Award 2013

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Doctoral Fellowship 2009-2012

Research projects:


Representative works:

1. Yimeng Cao, Huiwei Yin, Wujun Wang, Pengfei Pei, Yin Wang, Xinyu Wang, Jianhui Jiang, Shi-Zhong Luo, Long Chen*. Killing Streptococcus mutans in mature biofilm with a combination of antimicrobial and antibiofilm peptides. Amino Acids. 2020, 52(1): 1-14.

2. Long Chen, Lili Jia, Qiang Zhang, Xirui Zhou, Zhuqing Liu, Bingjie Li, Zhentai Zhu, Fenwei Wang, Changyuan Yu, Qian Zhang, Feng Chen, Shi-Zhong Luo*. A novel antimicrobial peptide against dental-caries-associated Bacteria. Anaerobe, 2017, 47: 165-172.

3. Fude Sun, Xiufang Ding, Lida Xu, Jun F. Liang, Long Chen* and Shi-Zhong Luo*. A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Short-Helical-Cytolytic Peptide Assembling and Bioactive on Membrane Interface. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2017, 121: 17263-17275. (Corresponding author)

4. Fude Sun#, Long Chen#, Xiufang Ding, Lida Xu, Xirui Zhou, Peng Wei, Jun F. Liang* and Shi-Zhong Luo*. High-Resolution Insights into the Stepwise Self-Assembly of Nanofiber from Bioactive Peptides. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2017, 121: 7421-7430. (Co-first author)

5. Xi-Rui Zhou, Yimeng Cao, Qiang Zhang, Xi-Bo Tian, He Dong, Long Chen*, Shi-Zhong Luo*. Self-assembly nanostructure controlled sustained release, activity and stability of peptide drugs. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 2017, 528: 723-731. (Corresponding author)

6. Ruru Fan, Yanyan Yuan, Qiang Zhang, Xi‑Rui Zhou, Lili Jia, Zhuqing Liu, Changyuan Yu, Shi‑Zhong Luo*, Long Chen*. Isoleucine/leucine residues at “a” and “d” positions of a heptad repeat sequence are crucial for the cytolytic activity of a short anticancer lytic peptide. Amino Acids. 2017, 49(1): 193-202. (Corresponding author)

7. Long Chen, Qiang Zhang, Xiushuang Yuan, Yimeng Cao, Yanyan Yuan, Huiwei Yin, Xiufang Ding, Zhentai Zhu, Shi-Zhong Luo. How Charge Distribution Influences the Function of Membrane-active Peptides: Lytic or Cell-Penetrating? International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, 2017, 83: 71-75.

8. X.R. Zhou, Q. Zhang, X.B. Tian, Y.M. Cao, Z.Q. Liu, R. Fan, X.F. Ding, Z. Zhu, L. Chen and S.Z. Luo. From a pro-apoptotic peptide to a lytic peptide: One single residue mutation. Biochim. Biophys. Acta.-Biomembranes. 2016, 1858 (8): 1914-1925. (Corresponding author)

9. X. Tian, F. Sun, X.R. Zhou, S.Z. Luo* and L. Chen*. Role of peptide self-assembly in antimicrobial peptides. Journal of Peptide Science. 2015, 21(7): 530-539. (Corresponding author)

10. L. Chen and J. F. Liang. The Potential Roles of Cell Surface pHs in Bioactive Peptide Activation. Chemical Biology and Drug Design. 201585(2): 208-215.

11. Y. Sun#, L. Chen#, F. Sun, X. Tian and S. Luo. New Amphiphilic N-phosphoryl Oligopeptides Designed for Gene Delivery. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2014, 468 (1-2):83-90.

12. L. Chen and J. F. Liang. Peptide fibrils with altered stability, activity, and cell selectivity. Biomacromolecules, 2013, 14(7): 2326-2331.

13. L. Chen, N. Patrone, J.F. Liang. Peptide self-assembly on cell membranes to induce cell lysis. Biomacromolecules, 2012, 13(10): 3327-3333.

14. L. Chen, Z. Tu, N. Voloshchuk, and J. F. Liang. Lytic Peptides with Improved Stability and Selectivity Designed for Cancer Treatment. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2012, 101: 1508-1517.

15. L. Chen and J. F. Liang. Metabolic Oligosaccharides Altered Cell Responses to Anticancer Drugs.  European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. 2012, 81: 339-345.

16. L. Chen, L. Zhang, X. Wang, H. Lin, L. Du. Determination of dopamine and its relativity to baicalin in rat nuclei after intravenous administration of flavonoids from Scutellariae radix. Biomedical Chromatography. 2007, 21: 84-88.

Admission requirements:

Motivated, Responsible, Enthusia**