Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and Technology


This discipline includes two secondary disciplines of biochemical engineering and pharmaceutical engineering. Among them, biochemical engineering obtained the right to confer a master's degree in 1996 and the doctoral degree in 2000. There are 24 professors, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 professors specially invited by the Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education, 2 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and 23 associate professors. Beijing Municipal Key Laboratory of Bioprocessing. This discipline has a high level in the research fields of biocatalysis technology, biomaterials and biochemical separation technology. In recent years, it has made great breakthroughs in environmental biotechnology and new bioenergy, and has a multi-discipline with food, medicine, materials, environment and energy. This discipline is very important for the realization of sustainable development strategies.It is particularly critical for the depth and precision processing of resources, the clean and optimized use of resources and energy, and the control of environmental pollution. It is essential to support and enable emerging technologies such as bioengineering and new materials. Industrialization has a significant effect. This discipline continues to develop with the needs of social progress, manifested in the continuous deepening and improvement of the basic theoretical system, the continuous innovation and development of new processes and engineering technologies, and the emergence and development of new and vibrant interdisciplinary disciplines. Pharmaceutical engineering started enrolling in 2004. This discipline has a high level in chemical synthesis pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical preparations and biotechnology pharmaceuticals. There has been a major breakthrough in the industrialization of pharmaceutical engineering equipment and pharmaceutical processes, and cooperative enterprises have achieved considerable economic benefits.