1986: Established the major of biochemical engineering.

1996: Enrolled the master in biochemical engineering.

2000: Enrolled the master in fermentation engineering, doctoral degree in biochemical engineering.

2001: Established the Beijing Key Laboratory of Bioprocessing and established the major of Pharmaceutical Engineering.

2003: Enrolled the master in food, oil, and protein engineering, establish the college of Life Science and Technology.

2005: Established the major of biotechnology and obtained a master's degree in microbiology and biochemical pharmacy

2006: Enrolled the master’s degree in light industry technology and engineering

2007: Established the MOE Center of Biorefinery Engineering.

2010: Approved the master degree in food science and engineering and master degree in pharmacy.

2012: Established the BUCT-Xiamen Institute of Biological Industry.

2013: Established the National Energy Biorefinery R & D Center.

2014: Established the BUCT-Bohai Rim Bio-Industry Research Institute, approved as a post-doctoral research station for bioengineering.

2015: Established the BUCT International Soft Matter Research Center, enrolled the major of biomedical engineering

2018: Approved the PhD degree in bioengineering.

2019: The biosafety discipline was selected as Beijing advanced subject.