NameJing Yang

Title Professor

AddressWest wing 613, Keji Building, Beijing University   of Chemical Technology, Beijing 100084, China

Education background:

1994-1998,  B.S. Nankai University, China,

1998-2001   M.Sc. Nankai University, China,

2001-2004   Ph.D. Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS

Work experience:

2004-2005    Institute of Curie, CNRS, Paris, France Postdoctoral Fellow,

2005-2007    Department of Chemical and biological engineering, Unversity of Colorado at Boulder, USA, Postdoctoral Fellow,

2008-2014,  Associate Professor, College of Life Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT)

2015-present   Professor, College of Life Science and Technology, BUCT

Academic title:


Research areas:

Polymer chemistry, Biomaterials

Honors and awards:

Program for New Century Excellent Talent in Unviersity (2012), P. R. China

Beijing New-star Plan of Science and Technology (2009), P. R. China

Research projects:

(1) Exploring novel types of monomers and catalysts for developing synthesis pathway of polyesters or polyether esters.

(2) Design, synthesis and properties study of novel multiple responsive polymers for targeting delivery of drug and for detection of biomolecules such as DNA, protein.

Representative works:

1.        Pei Wang, Jinpeng Liang, Ting Yin and Jing Yang* “Simple Lewis pairs of zinc salts and organobases as bifunctional catalysts for controlled ringopening polymerization of O-carboxyanhydrides” Polym. Chem., 2019,10, 5498–5506.

2.        Ziyao Gan, Dexian Bing, Shuang Qu, Shengyi Li, Tianwei Tan and Jing Yang*“In situ synthesis of poly(ether ester) via direct polycondensation of terephthalic acid and 1,3-propanediol with sulfonic acids as catalysts” Polym. Chem. 2019, 10, 3629-2638.

3.        Jinpeng Liang, Xinmei Zhi, Qiwen Zhou, Jing Yang “Binaphthol-derived phosphoric acids as efficient organocatalysts for the controlled ring-opening polymerization of γ-benzyl-L-glutamate N-carboxyanhydrides” Polymer, 2019, 165, 83-90.

4.        Qiwen Zhou, Wei Meng, Jing Yang* and Haifeng Du*. “A Continuously Regenerable Chiral Ammonia Borane for Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenations” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018, 57(37), 12111-12115.

5.        Yanzhao Nie, Pei Wang, Wei Meng* and Jing Yang* “An efficient strategy for achieving controlled ringopening polymerization of O-carboxyanhydrides via amine initiation in collaboration with metalalkoxide catalysis” Polym. Chem. 2018, 39(40), 5014-5023.

6.        Liu Yang, Jingyu Lv, Yuqiang Li, Shirui Li, Junjiao Yang, Bo Zhang* and Jing Yang*, “Impact of Secondary Structure of Polypeptides on Glucose Concentration Sensitivity of Nanocarriers for Insulin Delivery” ACS Appl. Bio Mater. 2018, 1, 328−339.

7.        Fang Fang, Jin Liu, Yushu Li, Junjiao Yang, Jing Yang*, “A new colorimetric platform for protein detection based on recognition-induced cascade of polymeric nanoparticles disassembly” Macromol. Biosci. 2018, 18(3), 1700392/1-6.

8.        Hongyuan Zhang, Yanzhao Nie, Xinmei Zhi, Haifeng Du*, Jing Yang*, “Controlled Ring-

9.        Opening Polymerization of a-amino acid N-carboxy-anhydride by Frustrated Amine/Borane

10.    Lewis Pairs” Chem. Commun. 2017, 53, 5155-5158.

11.    Yuqiang Li, Yunyan Zhang, Junjiao Yang, Jing Yang* “Polypeptide-Participating Complex

12.    Nanoparticles with Improved Salt-Tolerance As Excellent Candidates for Intelligent Insulin

13.    Delivery” RSC Adv., 2017, 7, 14088 – 14098.

14.    Yanjun Cui, Dequan Zhuang, Tianwei Tan, Jing Yang* “Highly Sensitive Visual Detection of Mutant DNA Based on Polymeric Nanoparticles-Participating Amplification” RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 115238 – 115246

15.    Henyun Shen, Dequan Zhuang, Fei Wen, Jing Yang*, “Visual biomolecular detection base on dual polymerization-assisted amplification” Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine” 12 (2016) 572–573.

16.    Y. F. Song, Y. Q. Xie, J. J. Yang, R. Q. Li, X. Jin*, J. Yang* “A poly(ascorbyl acrylate)-containing nanoplatform with anticancer activity and  the sequential combination therapy with its loaded paclitaxel” J. Mater. Chem. B. 2016, 4, 6588-6596.

17.    Qiwen Zhou, Lanqiong Zhang, Wei Meng, Xiangqing Feng, Jing Yang*, Haifeng Du* “Borane-catalyzed transfer hydrogenations of pyridines with ammonia borane” Org. Lett. 2016, 18, 5189-5191.

Admission requirements:

Diligent and persistent