The College of Life Science and Technology was established on December 25, 2003. The college adheres to the educational philosophy of not achieving the largest, but the best; not comprehensive, but seeking excellence. With the joint efforts of the teachers and students, the great achievements have been made in discipline construction, teaching, scientific research and talent training, etc., which provides strong support for the construction of the school's The Double World-classes Development.

The college has established a complete bachelor, master, and doctoral training system, with four undergraduate programs, four master-degree programs, two professional-degree programs, two PhD programs and the first domestic post-doctoral research station in bioengineering. The college has the National Energy Biorefinery Research and Development Center, Beijing Key Laboratory of Bioprocessing Process, Beijing Biosafety Advanced Center, Biorefinery Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education, Beijing Soft Matter Advanced Center-Synthetic Biology Sub-center,BUCT-Bohai Biological Industry Research Institute and BUCT-China-Japan Friendship Hospital Biomedical Transformation Engineering Research Center. There are 94 faculty members in the college, including the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, chief scientists in the National 973 Program, Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars, winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and Excellent Young Scholars, winner of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, winner of Tan Jiazhen Award for Life Science Innovation, New Century Talents of the Ministry of Education, Beijing Science and Technology Rising Star, National Teaching Masters, Beijing Teaching Masters, etc. Many internationally renowned professors are adjunct professors in our college.

The college adheres to the construction of the national economy and has distinctive features with strong scientific research capabilities in green bio-manufacturing, bio-resources and environmental engineering, synthetic biology, bio-medicine and bio-security. In the past five years, the college had undertaken 168 national, provincial and ministerial key scientific research projects, including “973” plan projects, “863” plan projects, national key research and development plans, and the National Natural Science Foundation. The research funding was 240 million RMB. We have published nearly 800 SCI papers, including more than 300 TOP journal papers. We have published the first research paper in Nature, achieving a historic breakthrough of BUCT. In addition, we have applied for 151 patents. The college has successively won twice the second prize for national technological inventions, once the second prize for national scientific and technological progress, sixteenth the provincial and ministerial prizes, and more than tenth the provincial and ministerial-level appraisal results. The ESI ranking of the subjects of biology and biochemistry has entered the top 1%. The biosafety discipline was selected as the Beijing Advanced Subject and received financial support.

The college attaches great importance to the quality of talent training, strives to innovate the talent-training model, and serves students in a comprehensive way. Students have achieved excellent results in extra-curricular science and technology competitions such as the National Challenge Cup.Recently, the college's entrance examination rate and employment rate are among the highest in the school.