Graduate Program in Pharmacy


In 2011, our university obtained the right to grant a master's degree in the first-level discipline of Pharmacy. The specialty was developed on the basis of the pharmaceutical engineering specialty of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Our university established a major in pharmaceutical engineering in 2001, and began to recruit graduate students in pharmaceutical engineering in 2004. After years of hard work, it has formed characteristic directions such as microbes and biochemical pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical preparations, and medicinal chemistry, and has obtained a number of valuable results. The academic team of this discipline has a complete lineup, reasonable knowledge and age structure, and a large number of young and middle-aged academic leaders and academic backbones with doctoral degrees. There are currently 9 professors, 15 associate professors, and 1 Changjiang scholar from the Ministry of Education. In recent years, he has won a number of national invention awards, national science and technology progress awards, and provincial and ministerial awards.