College of Life held a faculty and staff warning and education conference


On the afternoon of April 12, 2024, the College of Life held a warning education conference for faculty and staff in Room 302 of Science and Technology Building, which was presided over by Cao Hui, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College.

First of all, Cao Hui made a special report with the theme of “Strictly abiding by discipline and rules, cultivating noble teacher ethics”. He conveyed the relevant issues of the school briefing, and then organized the study of some cases of violation of teacher ethics, put forward the specific requirements.

After that, Liu Yanhui, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and member of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the College, organized the study of the “Regulations on the Online Behavior of the Party Members of the Communist Party of China”, guiding the Party members to consciously regulate their own words and deeds in the cyberspace, to play an exemplary leading role, vigorously carry forward the main theme, spreading positive energy, and to create a clean and positive network environment.

Cao Hui pointed out in the conclusion that all teachers should take the case as a warning, to promote reform, improve the ideological understanding, build a firm ideological defense, consolidate the ideological foundation, strict discipline rules. He asked all teachers to vigorously carry forward the spirit of educators, strengthen the sense of law and discipline, learn discipline, know discipline, understand discipline, discipline, enhance the sense of awe, strictly abide by the rules of discipline, consciously cultivate noble teacher morality, so that there is a precept in the heart, discipline in the heart, the heart has the law. He asked all party members to strictly abide by the “provisions of the Communist Party of China members of the network behavior”, adhere to the correct political direction, value orientation, strict adherence to political discipline and political rules, and strictly regulate their words and deeds on the Internet.