Prof. Xing Wang was invited to attend the 2024 ARI Orthopaedics Conference in Switzerland and give a keynote presentation


On June 24, 2024, the 2024 ARI Orthopaedics Conference, hosted by the world's top research institution, AO Research Institute Davos (ARI), was held in Davos, Switzerland. Prof. Xing Wang, Vice Dean of our College of Life Science and Technology, was invited to attend the conference in Switzerland.

The conference invited researchers and clinical doctors from multiple countries and regions including the United States, China, and Europe in the fields of microbiology, medicine, materials science, immunology, biomedical engineering, and translational medicine, to discuss the latest findings in clinical basic and applied research related to orthopedic infections from multiple perspectives such as hosts and pathogens. At the meeting, Prof. Xing Wang gave a keynote talk titled "Antibacterial Chiral Polymers and Carrier Free Nanodrugs", which comprehensively introduced the research work of the group in the field of antibacterial infections and dealing with microbial resistance. His presentation received widespread attention from attending experts.

 (Image reprinted from the 2024 ARI Orthopaedics Conference homepage)

On June 27, Prof. Xing Wang visited the AO Research Institute Davos and met with the President of the conference and the head of the ARI Infection Biology team. The two sides discussed in-depth collaboration and conducted topic discussions with the ARI team. It is reported that in September 2023, the AO Research Institute Davos signed a MoU cooperation agreement with our university. Prof. Wang’s visit not only deepened cooperation between the two sides and promoted international exchanges, but also injected new vitality into the development of related fields.