School of Life held a training session for disciplinary committee members


In order to promote the party discipline learning and education to go deep and practical, improve the ability and quality of the party branch discipline inspection members, enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party branch, on the afternoon of July 2, 2024, the College of Life held a training session for the discipline inspection members, the College's deputy secretary of the Party Committee and discipline inspection member Liu Yanhui presided over the meeting and did the training.

Liu Yanhui remobilised and redeployed the Party discipline study and education, asking everyone to further strengthen the sense of discipline, strengthen self-restraint, improve immunity, enhance political strength, discipline, moral strength, resistance to corruption, and always be loyal, clean and responsible. She interpreted the relevant chapters of the Party Constitution and asked the discipline inspection members to conscientiously fulfil their duties and actively maintain the Party's discipline. She made clear the duties and tasks of the disciplinary inspection members of the party branch, hoping that the disciplinary inspection members will consciously strengthen the political awareness, learning awareness, discipline awareness and the spirit of struggle, faithfully perform their duties, dare to be good at the struggle, strictly and accurately enforcing the discipline, catching the small ones at an early stage, preventing the small ones from the smallest ones, and striving to consciously abide by and safeguard the Party's discipline on the new enhancement, and providing strong disciplinary safeguards for the new journey to promote the Party's comprehensive and strict governance.