College of Life Sciences and Technology held a symposium for representatives of the Class of 2024 graduates


In order to listen to graduates' opinions and suggestions to the college and effectively promote the college to improve the quality of school running, the College of Life Sciences and Technology held a seminar for the representatives of the 2024 graduates at 14:00 on 19 June 2024 in the conference room 302 of Science and Technology Building. Cao Hui, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, Wu Xinying and Mi Zhiwei, postgraduate counsellors, Li Jiabao and Yu Xin, undergraduate counsellors, and more than 20 representatives of graduates of the College attended the seminar. The symposium was presided over by Liu Yanhui, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the college.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr Cao Hui sent his warm congratulations to the 2024 graduates and spoke highly of the fulfilling and remarkable several years of college life they spent in the college. At the same time, he encouraged all the students to actively share their valuable insights and contribute their wisdom and suggestions to the current shortcomings of the college as well as its future development and construction.

Afterwards, representatives of undergraduates and postgraduates spoke in turn. They shared their study and research experiences in Beihua College of Life Sciences, talked about the deep friendship established with tutors and classmates, as well as the harvests and insights in academics, scientific research, social practice, etc., and at the same time, they put forward their valuable suggestions for the future development of the school and the college. Participating leaders listened carefully, answered patiently, and also discussed with students, brainstorming, and jointly planning the road of development for the College of Life.

Finally, Ms Liu Yanhui summarised the symposium, she expressed her gratitude to the students who made positive contributions to the development and construction of the college during the study period, and stressed that the development of the college could not be separated from the valuable suggestions, selfless dedication and unremitting efforts of the students, and hoped that they could maintain close contact with the college and visit home often.

The symposium ended successfully with warm applause. This symposium is not only an exchange of mind and collision of emotion, but also an outlook on the future and the sailing of dreams. We believe that in the coming days, the College of Life will continue to write a brilliant chapter, and we wish all the graduates of the Class of 2024 to be firm in their ideals and beliefs on the future road, to pursue excellence, and to use the knowledge and skills they have learnt to write their own wonderful chapters.