College of Life Sciences and Technology Holds Farewell Ceremony for 2024 Undergraduate Graduates


 On the morning of June 22, 2024, the School of Life Science and Technology of Beijing University of Chemical Technology held a farewell ceremony for the 2024 undergraduates in the Academic Lecture Hall of the Conference Centre of the East Campus, with Cao Hui, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, Tong Yigang, Dean of the School, Wang Lei, Vice Dean and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Li Jiajia boggy, Yu Xin, counsellors of the 2020 undergraduates, and graduates of 2024 undergraduates attending the ceremony, which was presided over by Liu Yanhui, Deputy Party The ceremony was hosted by Liu Yanhui, deputy party secretary of the School of Life.

 First of all, Tong Yigang gave a message to all graduates. He proposed that the students of Beichem College of Life should do four things: don't make trouble, don't be afraid of trouble, know how to deal with trouble, and do practical things. He said: we should have the ability of self-restraint and be careful with our words; we should have the spirit of not being afraid of things and dare to fight; we should have the ability to handle interpersonal relationships and get along with each other harmoniously; and we should have the awareness of taking the initiative to take up the work and do practical things.

 Subsequently, Wang Lei, as the representative of the class teacher, sent a message for all graduates. First of all, he congratulated all of them on their successful graduation and about to turn over a new chapter in their life. He hoped that students could reflect on their university life and encouraged them to develop the ability of continuous thinking and lifelong learning, and to strive for better achievements in the future.

 Next, Zeng Bowen, representative of the 2024 undergraduate graduates, spoke. He reviewed the four years of college life and expressed his gratitude for the all-round cultivation of the college, thanked the leadership of the college for their care and encouragement, and thanked the two counsellors for their care and help. He said that as a student of Beihang College of Biochemistry, he would uphold the school motto of "Virtue and erudition, chemical education and heavenly craftsmanship", and endeavour to be a high-quality talent with a sense of mission and responsibility of the times.

 Then, Cao Hui gave a message to all the graduates. He pointed out that the young students of the School of Life should bear in mind the highest pursuit of serving the country and the people, adhere to the school motto of "Hongde Baoxue, Huayu Tiangong", always imprint the sincere and simple spirit of the Beihua life people into their minds no matter when and where they are; adhere to the goal of openness and tolerance, and the pursuit of excellence, so as to contribute to the construction of a strong country and the rejuvenation of the nation, and to add glory to the School of Life, and sing high songs along the way, and enjoy the beauty in their whole life.

 Afterwards, students from Biomedical Engineering 2004, Kai-Shun Di, and Pharmacognosy 2001, Yingkai Gao, presented gifts to the College on behalf of the 2024 undergraduates, and Yigang Tong accepted the gifts on behalf of the College.

 With the theme of "Fortunately" and "Gratitude", Li Jiabogao and Yu Xin reviewed their four-year counselling career and felt fortunate to be able to accompany them to complete their four years of study, and thanked them for their companionship over the past four years. At the same time, also to the college leadership, teachers over the past four years of care, support and encouragement to express my heartfelt thanks.

 Finally, Liu Yanhui announced the successful conclusion of the farewell ceremony. All teachers and students podium group photo.